What you have been waiting for (hopefully)

Hi we are back! Firstly I would like to start off by welcoming the new month, even though we are already a few days in haha

As you might have already guessed, I (Felicia) am the one writing again, therefore the gifs. I am not complaining at all because I actually quite enjoy doing this. Before the two members’ much awaited self introduction, I have a story to tell haha

So I was watching a behind-the-scenes video from a magazine photoshoot and I happened to notice this:

Our team name on one of the props! And of course I had to make a gif of it, what else could I do.

Okay that’s all I wanted to say, so without further ado, here are the introductions you have been waiting for!



Hello. My full name’s pretty long (31 letters, spaces not included). I didn’t join NEmation last year like the rest of the group, but I’m here now! I’m looking forward to production, but from what I’ve heard, it’s going to take quite a great toll on my sleeping time! I spend quite a lot of time on the computer too, and learning about stuff. I sing a little too much, and (you guessed it) I’m in my school Choir. I love cooking, and I might bake or cook some interesting food during the upcoming production weeks! Stay tuned!


Yum yum nom nom

Hi there! So yes, I’m Sheryl! I have an auntie-ish personality but you probably won’t see it since I’m relatively quiet when you first know me… But it’s okay! I think it’d be a little overwhelming if I showed my auntie side! Hahaha 😛 oh I was here last year too! With Jan and Felicia. Hehe we returned as we really enjoy the production period quite a lot. Well, stay tuned to find out more about us in the production period! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading the first blog post as well! Must thank Felicia for having it done up so prettily!^^ And hope you enjoy this one and the subsequent ones too! Bye! Till the next time!

Okay hope you enjoyed this and we will see you next time bye!!

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