Day One: Monopoly Deal & Pose-Fighting

Hellooo Yarney Barnians! YB’s back in action!

So, it’s the first day of the Production Phase we’ve been waiting ages for!:D We were so excited about it that we hardly got any sleep last night, zzz.

The lack of sleep certainly didn’t diminish our excitement, but it did affect our ability to show it. No yawning, fortunately, but our energy levels were lower than usual. 😦 No crazy group singing and cheering and laughing uncontrollably today, that was a personal discouragement. 😦

But our low levels of enthusiasm aside, we were indeed amazed by the wonderful world of animation. Who knew that onion skins would ever come in handy? (Only ToonBoom users will know what I mean!:P)

When we first entered our little cubby, our tent, we immediately furnished it with chairs and food (lots and lots of food), and it instantly felt like home. We felt so cozy that we even wanted to camp there for the week!:P But for the sake of our hardworking Instructors who need their good night’s rest, we decided against it, though it’d be great if we could!:)

If I rated our productivity today on a scale of 10, I’d say 4, but only because we were not experienced enough to be more efficient. Tomorrow will definitely be more hardcore animating and tracing and drawing and singing and having fun!:) We can’t wait to work on our video even further, and we can’t wait to share it with all of your guys too!:)

Today’s break time: After a long 6 hours of sitting in front of our touchscreens and being hard at work honing our skills, we had a friendly poke-me-if-you-can match, between Rachael and Teresa:) They were head to head – or should I say head to tummy! – trying to be the first to poke each other in the stomach. It sounds lame, but it was all in the name of entertainment and it helped us to destress. We then played Monopoly Deal, similar to Monopoly but in the form of a card game, Rachael and Teresa won one round each, leaving Delia and I the sad title of “Losers”. Not for long, I say, not for long!:)

So, Day One out of Fifteen has been awesome, 14 more awesome days to come!:)

Tomorrow’s post will be on our food, so do look forward to our very own “Food Count” and junk food mini-mountain in our tent!:)

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Thanks so much for all your love and support, we won’t let you guys down! Working hard and playing hard!
Lotsa love, here’s a quote for you! :$
“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney
Yarney Barney :B
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