All aboard!

Hello guys! Today’s the second day of the animation process. 13 to go. WE CAN DO THIS. So far, we’ve been cooped up in our little crib for two days doing work. Someone fetch us some of Mr El’s oolong tea 😛

The walkway of tentages!

Our tent is all the way at the end, just before the instructors’ “office” 🙂

This marks the entrance of our tent. Warning sign in three different languages. Just to make sure people don’t intrude heh

The first thing you’ll probably see when you step in.

Working hard past dismissal time

Sneak peek of our work so far! Can you guess what it is? :B

Well, Sheryl and Jade did the tracing, while Nell and Sarah did the patchwork. It wasn’t easy though. I mean, look at our poor slaves editors just going bonkers.


Nell looks like a Diglett while Sarah is kinda Casper 2.0?


Wailing and laughing on the floor? Yup, she’s DEFINITELY dying.

It’s almost eight, and we’re gonna wrap up really soon. Please anticipate our animation clip! It’s gonna be REALLY COOL.


P/S:  I’m not a KPOP fangirl! I’m only a fan of Super Junior. As for the other groups, don’t ask me about them cause I really don’t know anything about them. 🙂


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