Day Three: The Aquarium and the “Friends”


Hey there! Previously, we mentioned about decorating our tent (crib) like our home. Recently, Delia thought about adding “entertaining furnitures” like…..our ver own aquarium for us to admire. While working.

Workload here is actually quite heavy for all of us and (tsktsk) we’re behind time! In order to de-stress, Delia found a new interest in drawing exotic fishes. And for all of us, Monopoly Deal+ Pose-Fighting+ (a new one)Exercising every 1 hour. So it is definitely not suprising to walk in our crib and find us kinda dying in the centre (luckily, no sweat) 😛

The exercise can be quite tedious (especially for Sophia) which includes: 20 Push Ups, 20 Cruches, 20 Jack-knive and other *ahem* optional “rolling on the floor” exercises 😉

Mmmm, let’s move one to the main thing here.


Opening Hours: 0900-1800 (Mondays- Fridays)

Admission Fee: 1 $2 KOUFU Voucher

Just a few previews…

Below are a few new inhabitants: (in order) Ponyo le Diver, Blue Starfish, Purple-chicken-pox Lantern Fish, Vicious Rainbow Fish.

Overview as of updated on 20 Nov 2012


NEXT UP, our “friends”. We would use a few words to describe them 🙂

Soft. Distorted. Home-ly. Baby.

And they are…

Puka (Delia’s): An unfortunate but well-loved beanie/styrofoam Puka with little (almost no) “meat” in her head, after an accident. But she survived nonetheless.

Whirly (Teresa likes to call it Twisted) (Sophia’s): Also unfortunate and well-loved. However, it has a cotton-less and twisty neck although it did not go through any major accidents..


Last but not least, Nemo (Teresa’s): A half fish, half blanket Nemo which is very useful when used as a cape. FYI, it attaches wings on you too.


See the cape and wings? hahaahaha.

Oh it’s getting late! Hmmm shall stop here now, bye!

And if you’re looking for a puny-joke=question from Delia, it will be replaced with Teresa’s How I Met Your Mother Quote (temporarily) as Delia is ummm not available currently.

Teresa’s HIMYM Quote:

“It’s gonna be LEGENDARY”- Barney Stintson

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