Production: Week 1 Day 1

Production: Week 1 Day 1

The production has finally arrived! The first day has passed and from what we have experienced, it was better than expected.
Here is a picture of the team preparing our decorations with our teacher Ms. Liauw


Here is how our studio looks like. It is filled with computer screens and this professional looking set up which would be used for our stop-motion animation.


The animation we would be doing would compose of both digital 2D animation and Stop-Motion animation.
Kar Yan is trying out the Toon Boom software on the computer.


When we entered the tent, we saw a very interesting sketch of our instructor, Ms. Farah. Though the sketch does not look much like her, there are some similarities. The mouth is over exaggerated.

There were many technical difficulties that we encountered today, thus we were behind schedule. We are hoping for the best tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more updates! 😀

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