Day 4: Pirate Shenanigans

Sarah here again, striking with yet another great title.  Today we were down by  one person – Nell was sick, unfortunately. And if you didn’t know, all of us lack ‘drawing capabilities’… except for Nell. While she does the drawing, the rest of us usually do some lineart work on Adobe Illustrator (mind you, the lineart takes a very long time! It has to be really clean.) We had plenty to lineart today, so that was fine. The problem was when we ran out of stuff to line. We were supposed to do something none of us could do… Colour.

Just kidding, we aren’t that bad. We can actually colour – it’s just that Nell usually points out our mistakes using her art-theory-shizamagiz. (which we of course are clueless about) Our poor instructor Mr Xavier (underlined, bolded and italicized by his request)  had to attend to us a lot today. But we still manage to pull through, of course! 🙂 We are relatively on time.

Without Nell, we all went a bit… crazy.

So since I titled this post ‘Pirate Shenanigans’, I figured I should actually talk about the funny things we were doing today. Of course, when we weren’t working really hard on colouring/lining, we were having a lot of fun. Today I (Sarah if you forgot) had the amazing idea of bringing a scary Halloween mask to scare people a little bit.

What a cute ghost, right? 🙂

Our instructor eventually discovered the mask and went on a bit of a rampage.  He wore it and went around scaring some poor other teams and instructors. Yeah, that mask was our group’s. Sorry about all of that, but we thought we should just have some fun while we were free 🙂

A photo of the culprit(s)

Also, when someone went off on a scaring spree, they left their jacket behind… So we decided to keep it safe for them.

The safest place in the world… Jade’s bag

It was only after a few hours of work that our instructor realised the absence of his jacket, haha. For some reason, he decided to search the other tents for his jacket before searching ours. He was really happy when he found his jacket… what a touching reunion. (Okay I’m lying… I have to pay the price later, ahahaha.) Sorry Mr Xavier, we won’t do it again!

So that’s most of the shenanigans we did today. We will blog every two days, but if you want daily updates, do check out our Twitter! Also, do like us on the NEmation facebook page, it’s veeeery important…

And that’s it. I think I rambled too much again, but never mind 😛

P.S. The ‘price’ isn’t actually that much.


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