Day Five: The Ambassador, the Pet and the New Addition

Do you have a mascot? A stamp? An ambassador? A pet?A food “bank”? Or an aquirium? Well we have all of the above :B

A mascot. Checked. A stamp. Checked. Food “Bank”. Checked. An aquarium. Oh yeah!

So today on Day Five we hereby introduce you our newly hired ambassador and a pet. Oh! No no no, not our NE ambassador 🙂 We will introduce her to you all next week when she visits 🙂 She’s Karen by the way.

Our ambassador is ummm “inspired” by Miss Hazel’s video reference, by Delia le creator. Prepare for the…………BEST YOU CAN NEVER THINK OF.

Ahahahaahahahah isn’t she/he/it cute? TROLOLOLOL.

Okay, back to business. Our pet: An orange triceratops (a kind of dinosaur) who knows how to hibernate in water! Woohoo! A cup of water to be exact :X

No worries we will sooooooon built it/he/she a habitat preferably on land 😉 And do you see bubbles? Let’s take it as an it for now. It’s breathing ;D

Now, as for our aquarium, we have another new addition donated by Miss KC. A vicious one which will never be Delia’s favourite. A Big Fat JAWS. Aha, just kidding it doesn’t bite.

And…..Delia and Teresa’s favourite part. Unglams. But today they decided to feature the video guy and camera man (who both look so glam ;( Guess that camera/ video guys are born photogenic?).

Delia also stopped hiding away from the cameraman and video guy. Know why? Well we all know. She got to show off her pretty Delia Cat 😛

Mmmmmm, that’s it for Day Five. We have to go back tomorrow! Saturday! But it will be fun….hope so…? 😀

Here’s a puny-joke-question :

Why did the police arrest the turkey?————-They suspected it of fowl play. LOL

Credits: Miss KC


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