Journey to the Bacon


yes you read it right. BACON. BACON = TOP 10!!! 😀 Before any competition, my family always said this saying to me ” Bring home the bacon! ” Basically just means, bring home the prize. Enough of words, my turn to blog after an embarrassing photo of me (Deanna) from my teams’ previous entry LOONGG TIME AGO. SORRY GUYS for MIA-ing. Alright, so where were we?

so SARScastics’ way of telling stories is by embarrassing and funny and nonsensical photos ;D

So we wrote a song and it got selected. YAY! So we got into the top 100

So first round of pitching was NERVE – WRECKING . Yes all caps. So this was our reactions when we got into top 40. Shi En got cut off :/

So pitching number 2 was different. By different i mean EVEN MORE NERVE – WRECKING. It’s like auditioning for a reality show. More reactions

So this is The Wall

Top 20
more cookies for you if you find us (;

So we went through an animation and story boarding workshop before the ultimate super pitch.

And went through a trial pitch with Mr El

And finally. The BIG DAY

Cadets on thier duty

This final pitch was ASSSKDDFIKEJF.  We had 5 judges. 3 more than any other pitching. Amongst them was the one and only Kit  Chan. yes. Kit Chan. We got her autograph on our lyrics after the pitching. We’ll upload the video ;D AHHH ASDKSJDH

The week was SUPER STRESSFUL. Words can’t express. But it was all worth it. Being in the top 10 makes us all winners. Whatever happens next year, this was a once in a lifetime experience and we’re thankful for experiencing it and being a part of this.

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