Week One: Fish On Shore

As always, hellooo Yarney Barnians!

Ahhh, a week has flown/flew/huh?/flied by so quickly, it’s the end of Week 1 of the crazy production phase. (Phew! 😛 )

If there was any analogy to describe Yarney Barney during this one week, as the great English person Sophia would try making up…

We were like secret agent fish on shore, being so excited about being on shore for our WALKing mission that we forgot our head gear that allowed us to breathe. BUT at the same time, our excitement made us RUN, and sweat (yes, fish sweat [I think]) so much so that we survived, and are still surviving. Booya! (That totally makes sense. 😛 )

In short, here are 2 Goods, 2 Bads, and 2 Crazies about this week. (We’ll try doing this every week! 🙂 )

Good #1: It wasn’t disappointing at all, even better than expected! What do I mean? EVERYTHING! Our home, how our idea turned out to be, our company, our “competitors”/buddies/fellow cool people, our instructors (we love you Miss Jade!)! We weren’t so psyched for nothing ;D It’s sad that not many visitors are allowed, but don’t worry, we’ll make sure we share more bite-sized pieces of it right here! Stay tuned!

Good #2: The food. It’s just awesome. 😀 Big thanks to the sponsors for giving us vouchers for lunch and dinner! Here’s a sample of our food, and some promo for NYP’s Koufu:

Mexican stall, Cheesy Seafood Baked Rice! 🙂 Verdict: A little on the spicy side, but it’s just nice, and there’s the right portions of everything 🙂 4/5 rating! 😛

More Lunches coming soon! ~

Bad #1: This is a toughie. Hm… I guess the Bads are mostly Goods, with a lower percentage! 😛 One Bad would be our overenthusiasm at times, we get so excited that our work isn’t spread out. And perhaps the workload of everyone tends to be slightly imbalanced, but it’s all worked out, it was only an issue at the start of the week. Phew!

Bad #2: -NA-

Let’s replace that with a Good #3!

Good #3: We have awesome instructors who are just about as random as we are! (In a perfectly good way!) xP Here’s an example:

All credits go to Miss KC!

Crazy #1: Of course, everything Yarney Barney has (a) crazy side(s). I think our soft toys are crazy. Don’t they look loco?

That’s Dayna the Duck and Donkey the… Donkey! They’re best friends, and they belong to Sophia. 🙂

Then of course there’s Pucca and Nemo Blanket, Delia’s and Teresa’s…

Sorry, couldn’t find a better picture! 😛 That is also another example of our randomness. Whee, heeha!

Crazy #2: We’re fanatically friendly! ❤ It’s not that obvious here, but each and every group has a cute fish signed Copyright YBP (YB Productions), and a note that says “YB SAYS HI!”

So, that’s it for this week, 2 more weeks to go, bullet train at full speed! Signing off!

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Thanks for your time, see you soon!
Here’s a quirky quote for you from Sophia! :$

“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.” – Brian Gerald O’Driscoll
Yarney Barney :B
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