Day 6: In Which We Actually Talk About Our Animation

When I was looking at our previous blog posts, I realised something…

We’ve hardly talked about our animation at all. 

So I figured I might as well tell you guys more about our animation, rather than just go on and on about the weird stuff that we’re doing everyday (though I will get to that later, haha.)

So throughout the past few week, we’ve been working! In addition to all the other stuff. But all work and no play sinks the ship! Haha…

So while Professor X draws and scans:

insert scan here

the rest of us has to trace it. How fun. I have a lot of respect for Sarah cuz she managed to do this:

without going crazy and attacking Xavier. Buildings are hard. I feel your awe and admiration. 

I know you’ve already heard these things in the other posts but… Oh well. 

Colouring was next. We used Photoshop. Luckily for us, we have already learnt how to use it. Thanks Mrs Lim!! 

Yeah so I’m going to insert some pictures of our characters. Our beautiful, nicely drawn, traced and colourised characters. So let the seed of curiosity creep into your soul as you look at them, cuz that would be good for us! 😛

Curious yet? 😀 Meet bestselling shirt guy (and his girlfriend) and Chinese Dora! 

Yeah that’s all I’m gonna write for our animation. Time to hear about our latest prank: The Missing Phone!!!! (insert creepy music)

So Mr Xavier left his phone in our tent. Being the good Samaritans we are, we kept his phone safe for him. Don’t want anyone stealing it. Since Jade’s bag wasn’t safe enough, we put it in…

Sarah’s pillowcase!!!!!

Yeah so after ensuring the safety of his precious phone, we went back to work. We dropped a few hints to him to let him know that we’re his personal safety deposit tent.

We didn’t want his ringtone to disturb us so we plugged earphones in!! 😀 

Mr Xavier scoured the tent, using Mr Alvin to call his cell but to no avail, his phone was not founddddd.

Sarah ended up telling him where his phone was. Another day, another successful prank. No need to clap. 🙂

So it’s back to work for us. Back to making magic happen. Byeee! 😀

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