Day Six: ‘Open House’ and ‘The Yarney Barney Project’

Sooooo today, our NE ambassador, Karen, came over in the afternoon to interview us and get to know us better. This is a pic of her:

Her website: (go check it out okay! :D)

So Karen brought along this guy along to take a video of her interviewing Sophia.

Sophia, once again, spoke for the team. :3 And we sang the Pink Fluffy Unicorn song for Karen. Hahahaha we were so awkward.

Also, it was today, that the Yarney Barney Project was created. The YB Project is this project where we gather as many pictures of as many people as possible doing the YB face (:B). Today we managed to get a few pictures of people doing that face. Tomorrow, we shall go ask more people! At the end of our three weeks of production, we will put up a collage with all the faces we managed to get. Just one of the pictures (Delia’s brother) we took:

Hahaha he didn’t know how to show his teeth! xD

Today was a rather special evening. Our parents and siblings came here for the open house to see our work and what we’ve been doing for the last week. It was really cool, having our family see what we did for the clip, so far.

creds for the picture: N.E.mation facebook page

The puny-joke-question of the day:

What do you call a little pony with a sore throat? ——————————A little hoarse


Yarney Barney :B

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