Our lovely little working space!

Hey all! today’s the second day of the second week!

However, even though everyone else is really busy, we still have TONS of Fun! we joke a lot with our instructor, Ms KC. Still, she’s gonna have to tolerate us monkeys for the next one more week. Too bad! She chose our group and suffering is the way to freedom for her hahaha:>

Now, lets see the pics we took so far since the last blog…

This is one of Tianqi’s favourite motivation (and obsession). Her one and only korean idol Song Joong Ki!! No one actually knows who this is but he seems cute^^ but maybe not for long.. Her heart changes fast you see~

Still, he’s not her only idol.. she’s also obsessed with these very special cutey cartoon characters called Lan yang yang, Mei yang yang and Xiao huihui. Here’s a picture I got!

we take a little break during the busy production too.

The other group members are not going to share their working space now, you will only get to know us more if you take a look at our blogs and tweets we are going to post.. If you want to find out more about us.

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