Start of Week 2

It’s week 2 of the production already!!! 

Our bodies are adapting to the system of waking up early in the morning and going home just to shower & SLEEP. Sleep is the essential element here because it would ultimately affect our mood, enthusiasm and focus of the day.


We made friends with neighbors around like the team Yarney Barney. It started with them FORCING us to do the face which looks like this –> :B Marcus had to do re-shots because they were not exactly satisfied with the way he presented THE FACE :B 

THE Yarney Barney face :B

Yarney Barney face :B

Yarney Barney face :B

Yarney Barney face :B

Back to our Work….

We are starting to animate out characters what we have digitally drawn out and I can safely say that it was one of the hardest challenges the group faced as a whole. All of us take time in getting the hang of it. Some of us tend to grasp the skill a little slower than others and that is when some emotional stress comes into play. Each of us has a standard that we must keep to and during this animation process, we do not tend to reach it resulting to some stress and frustration. 

Fortunately, we have our instructors and our teacher Mr. Fauzi who actually try to cheer us up with their funny however lame jokes. 😀  

So we are still here struggling! More details to follow so do keep yourselves updated. 😀 

Lots of love, ❤

We Want To Go To USA

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