Week 1 Day 4!!!

DAY 4!!!!

Day 4 has arrived and as a contestant in this competition, I felt that time has actually flown quite fast. We arrive in NYP at about 8.30am every morning and leave for home at 9.30pm every evening to sleep and back again the very next day.
We were able to lose track of time so easily especially after being cooped up in an air-conditioned room for more than 12 hrs.
To de-stress, we actually did some extraordinary things like hopping around the tent in a sleeping bag and even rolling on the ground on it! There are some videos I took though we have yet to upload it due to our busy busy schedule. We decided to name our videos the “Sleeping bag series” featuring each member of the team doing weird weird stuff. 😀
 Sleeping BAG!!!
Our sleeping bag fun times are recorded in videos only so do look out for them. You’ll be hearing from us soon. 😀
Xin Hui did ALOT of hilarious things thanks to the master mind, Ms. Frances. While we were having fun, there were photographers who actually took photos and videos of us. It is embarrassing, but it would be worth it. To entertain someone, it MAY involve some sacrifices.
We also touched up on the design of the tent during our free time.
This is how the room currently looks like.
Lastly, we met our very own blogger today. He is Mr. Calvin. Do check our his blog for updates on our team.
Group photo

Check out more of our photos in: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wewanttogotousa/

And if you have any weird stuff you may want us to try out do email: wwtgtu@ymail.com


Thank you for reading.

love you all  XD,

We Want To Go To USA 😀

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