Comparing a girl with cartoons and animals…

G’Day people! Well, we are back on the second post this week! Yay! HaHas… Anyways,  we are just gonna post some random pics we took so far. Not many but still… yup, so lets take a pic at things we do behind the scenes.

Yes it is! The one and only Amberly! with a massager! Anyone who tries it gets lives instantly vibrating with relaxation…  Now compare that with this caricature of her done by our alien instructor, Ms KC!!

Now tell me, do they actually look alike? HaHa! XD And wait. What about this?…

Yes that is.. a chinchilla! Diaodiaodarr

Its taken from facebook and is really cute! Maybe thats what Tianqi was talking when she said Ambie looked like it? jkjk

By the way, you ever heard of the macerena? Its a so called “previous era” dance but now, its been brought back to life! by wenqi and ambie! Winnie secretly shot this when wenqi was teaching Amberly the dance, it was hilarious!!!!! Like mad people…

And  of theres the cartoon winnie version! Take a look!

Does it seriously look like this cute, rosy-cheeked life sized doll?

Well, its the most recent picture of her so there we go! Alrighty then, I guess its time to go. Saiyonara!



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