Day Eight: The Sleeping Bag Ride

Today, we had fun. Lots of fun. Although we are still behind time, we sure did find ways to entertain ourselves 😛 (the YB style)

By the way, we found this:

The YB Face! Camila Cabello (Teresa’s favourite)

#1 The Sleeping Bag Ride

The Sleeping Bag Ride were started and created by We Want to Go to USA 🙂 We are honoured and proud to say that we were the first riders (other than their own members). It was thrilling, though Delia refused due to some insurance thing. So Teresa did it first during lunch and Sophia (above and below) did during dinner.

Yeah that’s Sophia. She um kinda screamed-laughed non-stop. Okay, fine fine. We took that when she finally stopped 😛

#2 Levitation Photography

Ever heard of it? It’s got something to do with “flying” or ummmm “lightness”, “floating”… :O We failed many times but uhh it’s not bad for starters (hope so) :/ A few tips about levitation photography!

  1.  If it’s walking on air, feet must always try to be parallel to the ground 😉
  2. Change camera shutter speed.
  3. Take the shot when object is moving upwards, hmmm…maybe sometimes downwards. Depends!
  4. Put on a calm face! Like Peaceful Gary 😀 ;D



Last but not the least, today is Mr Alvin’s birthday! WOOHOO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Time for punny-joke-question!

How to count cows quickly?—————————- COW-culator!

OK! Gotta go work! Alright Miss Jade!

Luff y’all,


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