Day Nine: Someone’s Butt Got Burnt

Yup, that’s the someone – uh, something – uh, somebear, that got his butt a lil hot. 😛 Here’s the story: Mr Dickson accidentally put Frances’ (our dear  Pooh Bear soft toy on top of a light – with a cloth on it no less, but unfortunately, it’s butt got a tad bit burnt. 😦 P.S. It isn’t Delia’s fault 🙂 There’s a video on Sophia’s FB Wall if you’re curious about Frances’ reaction… ;P

Frances’ Reaction Video

So that was the most prevalent event that happened today. :B

Here’s some behind the scenes info about exactly what we’re doing, some of you have been asking us “Where’s the video?” or “What are you doing there for so long?”, so we’ll clear your doubts here!

We’re spending these 3 weeks (the production phase, it’s called) working on our end product, using a software called ‘ToonBoom’ (which we’ll be getting after this as a prize for getting to the Top 10, yay 😀 ). Using this software, we traced actual video recordings of people acting out the scene for us and some backgrounds, stylising their traced-out version, adding colours and textures to them. Here’s a snippet of our work!

Alright, tata for now, Delia has to get her beauty sleep.

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