Day Seven: Chicken Or Egg?

Harrow! We’re back!

GOOD NEWS! We have 37  pictures of the YB face  (so far). Anyway, a BIG  thank you to those who helped us :B (Mmmmmm, some maybe after a lot of pestering :P)

Okay, so the title’s ‘Chicken or Egg’.

Ever heard of the question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? HAHAHAHAHA. Soph, Delia and Teresa were debating about this and a few other topics. Sounds geeky? Totally. NOT. It was really engaging and thought-provoking which (kinda) stopped us ADHD kids from getting up from our seat. Wooooohooooo. Foolproof plan now. 😀

However, sad to say, taking YB faces was the only fun thing we did today. Aha! But we managed to make friends with most of our… hmmm… fellow tent-ers/Competitors/FRIENDS. (Especially Frances from We Want to Go to USA. She is now Delia’s new best friend.)

*Sigh* Since we do not have any photos for today,we’ve decided to post a few YB faces today. If you’re lucky, some other day too. Today though… HURHUR.

First up! The Team Leader: Rachael a.k.a. Yarney Barney 🙂

The Singer: Sophia :S

The Gay (and ADHD) Friends: Delia & Teresa

Hmmm. Not enough? More to come! 😛 Now it’s time for Delia’s punny-joke-question ;D (Do you realize that the previous posts were all typed as ‘puny-joke-question’? Biggest mistake ever! D:)

What do you call a deer with no eyes?——————————- No Eye Deer Trolololololololol!

Blues Clues!




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