Here we are on the second week!

Hi all! I’m back writing this on the 2nd week of NEmation 7! We took lots of pics this week coz there was an open house here on monday night and lots of people came! Lets see some pics of them right now!

Those are wenqi’s and winnie’s mums receiving interviews! HOW SPECIAL!

Thats our tch in charge! See his killer mona lisa shirt! She’s gone evil!

So lets just show ya’ll some random pictures of Mon to today! Buaharhar…

OMG! Our instructor is officially abducted by aliens!


Kawaii! Winie has new braids!

Ever heard of retroscopes before? They’re tools used for early cartoons! We were using them for our nemation. Look at us putting the frames in one by one with our BARE hands! Oh, the pain~

See the frames? They were made digitally last week! These are the extras, the real set has been put in the retroscope already:) Now lets see the whole retroscope…

Okay, I think we’ve leaked enough to our viewers. Thanks all!

ShiNyGirl member

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