madeforsam: DAY3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

Summary of madeforsam’s DAY 3 to 10…

Nice, right? No need to check the blog so often. :B


I have no idea what this is supposed to be. New form of Jenga.


Retarded and random things that we made. Actually, it doesn’t belong under DAY 4, but I have no idea when this was taken, so I just chuck it under a random (empty) day. (I’m sorry, we’ll TRY to post more often.)


A new member of our team that Xavier invited. Very interesting hand he/she/it has.

Upgraded our Christmas tree from this (see above photo) to this (see photo below)!

* Lights, star and snow sold separately.

Many visitors to our tent did not notice this beautiful tree that Seal has brought in. It’s like 1.5m tall and very prominently placed in view from the entrance!
Perhaps drink more chicken essence?

You must be tired of seeing clay all the time. Here’s something non-clay.


Leg waxing in the house. 8)
Just kidding, they’re making a plaster cast of Grizzly’s leg.


Error 404: Photos not found.


Click here for something fun we found out about jumping clay and the hairdryer.


Erm, our motivation?

Maybe not.


Our messy igloo and tree.

Purple man moonwalking across the zebra crossing…but it all happened too fast. 😥


Grizzly in the midst of a complicated clay surgery.
(The plaster cast of her leg failed. See DAY 6.)
Look out for this in our animation!

DAY 10

Another gone case. Happens all the time at North Pole’s Asylum, though.


[Hope this was as fun to read for you as it is for me to post. 🙂 -Fungi (Purple)]

(PS: the 404 on Day 7 was a joke … we had no pictures for that day, so it’s a 404, did you get it? Ha ha …)

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