So, mid week…

Hi JH is back,

Okay so time really flies pretty fast here, and today is right smack in the middle of our production phase. So…

We literally BREATHE animation here. Official hours are from 9am to 6am, but recently we have been starting about 8am+ (okay correction, SOME of us can’t seem to wake up in time ahem ahem T^T so its about 8.30+. AND sadly the way we procrastinate sometimes will blow your minds. But it doesn’t happen that often! Ahem Ahem Phew) and leaving about 9pm+.

So we’ve been assigned different roles. Shirley and Wang Ao are doing the charaters, Gek Ching is doing the colouring and I’m doing the background. We are not exactly drawing from scratch. The instructors have helped us out by taking a video of themselves doing our specific scenes. These videos have been split into frames so we’ve been actually tracing those frames out. We have more than 300 frames to draw 😦 its really tiring and Wang Ao and Gek Ching are officially annoyed by STRIPED shirts HAHA. Quote “Its gross!” Well one of the instructors appeared twice in our scenes and he was always wearing stripes. WHY WHY WHY MR XAVIER?!

Haha 😉 and lots of other funny stuff happen.

We usually have a daily dose of screaming here. All from


She gets scared really easily and screams LOUDLY. And it doesnt help that some people take pleasure in scaring her, mostly from our other St Nick’s teams and even some of the instructors! We even have to put up a sign on our flap:


Of course there are some groups that get annoyed with us. SORRY!

And we often go and visit the other St Nick’s teams Yarney Barney and ShiNy Girls at the other side and they come and see us too and we talk a lot, not only with them but some other teams too actually. Its getting on the nerves of some people too…T^T SORRY AGAIN!

Anyway some times our visits involve the abduction of certain animals:

Introducing Scruffy!  <= Scruffy

patrick again <= Patrick (we have endless debates on whether his real name is Clifford)

dolphin <= Another debate issue on whether its a shark or a dolphin ( and nope the focus is not on Wang Ao :D)

Oh and did I mention its really cold here? Some of the teams here have actually brought sleeping bags and scarfs and long socks! I’ve been developing a cold here too ):

Well that’s all I can write at the moment. We are a little behind schedule here

schedule <= You see the Yellow Areas? We are still there though we’re actually supposed to be done with the blue sections by now! But Mr Alvin told us that he had included buffer time in mind so its not that bad.

But we’re not the only ones behind time. In fact, I think almost most of the groups. Some even need to stay till 10.30… So to all the groups: Jia You!

Okay stay tuned, BYE!

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