The last week is Starting! Choing ah!!!!

Hey Guys and Gals 😀

Ching here again :] Yepp. The Last week of production is going to officially start at 9am tomorrow (3 Dec). Yepp. So we are all going to start choing-ing like really  really siao people. Wish us luck 🙂

Anyways, the second week went pretty smoothly except for blips here and there (which are more or less solved by now). We took not many pictures with Jean Hann’s ipad because I keep forgetting to bring my digital camera to upload pictures. Hopefully I will remember tomorrow so I can upload pictures of us choing-ing 😀

Here is a clip of Wang Ao working hard.

I can’t really find the one on our animation clip. (ALMOST the real thing). I will ask Jean Hann about it tomorrow and ask her to write a blog post in a day or two 😀

We have been up to crazy things this week. For example, stretching in the tent. We were all doing a half splits and touch your toes. Maybe the next might already be a full on split 😀 Then we would all look so awesome!

stretching break again

From top to bottom:

Jean Hann

Me 😀

Theresa (Yarney Barney)

Wang Ao

stretching break

From top to bottom:

Jean Hann

Me ;]

Wang Ao.

I forgot where Theresa went 😛


Then there was Shirley spazzing about  Patrick :]

shirley spazzing

And Wang Ao kissing Dolphin the Gay Shark. (The pink stuffed toy) No one can really comfirm if it is a dolpin or a shark. As of now, the results are still inconclusive.



The Stark difference between me and Wang Ao’s side and Jean’s and Shir’s side.

Our Side:

Wang Ao and Gek Ching's side

Scenic postcards of San Francisco and Australia for me :]

Posters of Shinee and 2NE1 for Wang Ao. With the new addition of Taylor swift and errr…another korean group which I forgot… (oops).

P.S I am currently waitiing for a One Direction Poster to “magically” appear on Wang Ao’s Side.


Their Side:

Shirley and Jh's side

For Jean Hann: Some paper which I think was stuck there from the first day by someone. Other than that it’s a white Canvas Sheet.

For Shirley: “Crystal Clear” Canvas Sheet which is super clean and free from all sort of paper/posters/postcards.


Introducing our warning Sign written by Wang Ao.


If you can’t read the warning it says:

Please do not attempt to scare us especially WANG AO, the one in the white jacket one 😀 if not you will face the consequence of being deaf.


This warning is still true up till now. I think the teams around us have already gotten quite a dose of Wang Ao’s scream. Her scream makes people scream so BEWARE of her ( and her screams).

I think that’s more or less the pictures we have now. Stay tuned for more pictures. Who knows there might just be a daily upadate 😉

And till the next time,





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