Final Week!

Hey there this is Oneminute! It has been a long time since we last posted, sorry for not updating with our blog posts >< This is going to be a long post!

(Yin Xi and our mysterious member, guess who)


These past three weeks have been eventful, with all of us busy working with our animations! We are using digital animation to animate!

This is what Audrey had been doing for the first week of the production week: animating smoke. (She spent an /extremely/ long time on it, because there were many changes to be made. This is not how the final smoke animation looks like, so do look forward to it!)

On the other hand, the other group members did the background and the characters, and let them ‘spread’ into the picture.

This is the software we use, Toonboom! As you can see, our fireman in this picture does not have his full body revealed, which is how we do our ‘spreading’ by slowly adding in his body+details bit by bit.

Here is a picture of Yin Xi doing the animation of our racial riots scene! The man seems to be doing martial arts, right?


Enough of not-as-fun pictures of our production! Now let’s move on to the fun stuff! On the 28 Nov during our production, it was Mr Alvin’s birthday (our beloved instructor)! He’s stuck with us and the other groups+instructors to celebrate his birthday instead of his girlfriend, so of course we have to make it a memorable one!

Our present in the making!

An artist (actually Cynthia’s mother) drew this for Mr Alvin as he loves Batman!

And here’s our final present to Mr Alvin! Inside the envelopes are the letters our group and 2 other instructors wrote for Mr Alvin! (text in black: Let’s analyse this drawing with Science!)

Here is a group picture of the four of us and Mr Alvin, with our presents! The Subway sandwich is a gift from the other instructors as a birthday cake (25 candles!)


Also, the blogger assigned to our group, Calvin came to visit us to interview us and chat with us. 🙂 (Check out his blog to see updates on his visit with us!)

He’s in the picture below! He also brought us yummy donuts hehe

 A big thank you to Calvin for the donuts!


2 more days to the end of production, and we’re almost done with our animation! Looking forward to see the product of our hard work in NYP! Continue to support team Oneminute! 😀



the members from Oneminute!

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