The Top 10 Teams Facebook App!

How would you like to be kept in the know and catch glimpses of what the Top 10 teams have been doing during the production period and beyond?

Well, now you can and with the ease of all that information within a single page! Introducing the Top 10 Teams Facebook App!

Do remember to ‘LIKE‘ the N.E.mation! Facebook Page first!

The Top 10 Teams Facebook App gives you the option of ‘LIKING’ the teams(s) page as a form of support. While that score does not affect the N.E.mation! 7 results, it does count towards the teams’ Social Media Award effort and serves as a moral boost for them!

Who wouldn’t like to see more ‘LIKES’ on their Page, yes?

That aside, the app also serves as the one-stop to get updates on the teams. One can see their latest blog feeds and also tweets!

Twitter — For those who aren’t too familiar with Twitter, it serves as a great platform for teams to effortlessly post quick bites and pictures of what is going on behind-the-scenes and you guessed right, it’s real time!

Blog Feed — The blog would contain other bits of information such as the team biography, fun happenings or stories they wish to tell. Develop a better understanding and connection to the team(s) by reading their blogs!

Aside from finding out about what the teams are up to, the Top 10 Teams Facebook App also allows you to post comments on their page. In that way you can ask the team(s) questions or post words of encouragement!

Send Words of Encouragement Via Twitter

If you are on Twitter, you can also have a conversation with the teams by using their hashtag along with @ their user names e.g., Hi @YarneyBarney ! #NE7C09. This will enable your tweets to show up on their Facebook App reel as well so others can check out the conversation and join in the fun!

Here’s a list of the teams with their twitter hashtags so you can search them up!

Teams Hashtag
All These Ships #NE7C01
J.W.S.G #NE7C02
madeforsam #NE7C03
Oneminute #NE7C04
RoyalPotato #NE7C05
SARScastic #NE7C06
ShiNyGirls #NE7C07
We Want To Go To USA #NE7C08
Yarney Barney #NE7C09
Zenith #NE7C10

Aside from the teams, don’t forget to follow N.E.mation!’s Twitter as well (@nemation) for updates and also random postings of the teams!


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