Week One but Week Three

We are in the middle of animating our first scene as I am typing this.

We haven’t been blogging at all simply because we can’t find any time to with everyday starting at 9am and ending at nearly 11pm. So here I am now, typing away because no one is supposed to move so that we don’t affect the lighting. And what better place is there to be stationary than in front of a computer?

We’ll be breaking production period down to a basic three posts, one for each week but of course, there will be few extra posts here and there (or so we hope). Please anticipate as I run you through what has happened in the first week.

For three weeks, we would be confined here, cutting, painting, animating etc.

I wish it was still this neat

On the first day, we stepped in to our tents and were greeted by this:

And here you can observe a really friendly lamp in action

And also this:

Oh, stop it you~

Our lovely instructor, Hazel, who we shower with lots of love.

And in return to the love we shower her with, she showers us with this.


We are very ready to spend our lives in this place as you can tell.

If that isn’t enough for us, we will always have this; meet Mr. Fubar.

Trying to discourage us from depleting their Milo supplies

We have also managed to transform our boring tent to something that suits us more.

A close up on our creative decorations:

Sumi's tree (Pun intended)

Sumi's poem

“This is our tent where creativity flows,
Where we laugh, cry and express our woes.
There’s paper and stuff strewn all around the floor,
So step carefully through the non-existent door.
There’s Janice; the cheery and crazy one,
Felicia; whose head is where she has lots of fun.
Generous, enthusiastic (and injured) Sheryl,
And Sumithri who is probably singing some Christmas Carol.
So pluck up the courage to come and step in,
For it’s only then when the magic begins.” 

What a well written poem, applause applause.

This is us

And lastly,

'Hello' in various languages

Languages used above are (courtesy of Google Translate):
English, Chinese, German, French, Tamil, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Hindi, Russian, Czech, Swedish, Danish, Filipino, Thai, Arabic, Greek & Slovenian

Pluto has become our official mascot.

Welcoming the ladies~

That is pretty much it for what happened during the first week, besides the boring drawing and cutting.

Oh yeah, kudos to our instructors for making the effort to recycle our huge pile of plastic bottles!

See y’all when we get the time to blog again (hopefully soon)!

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