Why J.W.S.G?

Hello everyone!
SHIRLEY IS BACK YAY . 😀 With her picture-less blog posts like always .. ):

So. As you can see from the title of this blog post, I am going to talk about our group name. (Yes I know we should have done it when we introduced our group but well… ._. But do not worry! With Shirley around, it will not be boring! <- self praising. xD)

Okay so I decided to do this because we’ve had many people coming up to us to ask why we chose J.W.S.G as our group name. (Is our name that bad? D: ) Well yes it is just simply made up using our name initials. (I know I’ve said this before hmm) But after getting all this “feedback”, I got many ideas as to what our group name could stand for, so as to make it seem a lot more “meaningful”. But sadly it’s going to be very much linked to me and Jean Hann only.. ): Sorry Wang Ao and Gek Ching.

Me, Wang Ao and Gek Ching actually made up many to annoy Jean Hann but they are pretty wrong so yeah LOL . So I will just put up the versions I created . 😀


1) Jean (short for Jean Hann hahaha), We’re Sexy Gorillas. (I know this makes no sense hmmm . :/ )
2) Just Wait, Shirley’s Growing. >:D heheh
3) Jean Wants Some Grapes . (oh by the way did we mention that Jean Hann is REALLY healthy?)
4) Jean Was Shirley’s Grandmother. (well we had this family tree thing in school and yes she was my grandmother xD)
5) Jean Wants Shirley’s Grades. 8D (just kidding~)
6) (refer to 3 and 5 ) Jean, Why So Greedy. ><

And after reading all this , maybe it would become:
Jean Wants Shirley Gone. 😮 (oh noooo! I’m sorry Jean! /bows down/)

Yep that’s it for now . 😀 Hope all of you liked what I created haha. So now we’ll finally have meaning to our group name. REJOICE! :’)

Okay then please continue to support us! 😀
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Thanks for reading and bye ! 😀

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