Ho ho ho! The second last day of the production!

Hi everyone! This is the second last day of our production! wow! Tomorrow will be our wrap up party! A good news to share—- we are the first group to complete our work, so, we are relaxing now! An hour ago, Ms KC and the ShiNyGirls took some unglam photos…. HERE THEY ARE!


Haha! Alien attack! Are we cute? I think nobody can regconise me now…

Oh, I don’t even know Ms KC has an identical twin sister!

Hoho, we have another version of the crazy Amberly!

Let’s take a look at the distorted ones..

isn’t it cool?

Are we very ”drama”? (take a look at winnie,she is not as “hyper”as us)

Do you want to see more interesting pictures of us?



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Love our fans forever!

ShiNyGirls-”Blink Blink”Tianqi! 

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