N.E.mation! 7 — The Production has Ended!

As most of you all would know and can tell from our Facebook Postings and Blog Feeds, the Production Period has Ended!

The 3 Week long Production Period that officially started on 19th November and ended on 7th December with the Wrap Party.

If you have been following our Facebook Page, you would have gotten daily bite size updates through the production period.

If you have been following our Blog, you would have caught chunk size updates from a total of 35 blog posts updated by the Top 10 Team sharing their life as animators.

But just in case you have missed all that for some reason, here is a recap and summarised version of what happened in those 3 weeks.

(Note: This is just part 1 of 3! More to come in the next 2 weeks, so watch out for it!)

It Has Started!

Teams filtered into the Production Site chirpily, excited to get started on what is to come with the Pre-Production of their animations.

In no time at all, the teams got familiar with what they had to do and also found means and ways to make their work, and environment, fun!

Production work aside, the teams were also introduced to various visitors to the Production Site.

Keen to find out more about what has happened thus far? Keep on reading!

Getting Started on Work!

While the N.E.mation! Journey is a fun experience filled with whacky behind-the-scenes happenings, it is hard to deny that there is a substantial amount of work done. While teams found ways to de-stress and relax during breaks, they have also gone through their fair share of quiet and busy periods, concentrating their focus entirely on putting their animation bits together.

All Work and No Play? No way!

While the teams may be swamped with deadlines to meet, scenes to draw or paper cut characters to finish, nothing can stop these active teens from having some fun about their tent!

Here we have some snippets of what has been going on but for a clearer idea of what is really going on, we suggest you follow these links and check out what each team has to say about their Production Journey thus far!

Be warned, things can get very random!

Here are the links to follow to read and keep up with the teams’ blog feeds!

Follow us on our Facebook for quick updates on what’s going on. Or drop by the blog to see what the teams have to share! Also, amidst all that, don’t forget to send your love to the teams you support by ‘LIKING’ them on our Facebook App!


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