Late End of NEmation post… Wahahaha

Hey Guys and Gals 🙂

Ching here! END OF NEmation!!! YAY!!!

We are all super tired. Jean flew to London the day after NEmation. And left us alone for the last day of the competition (Week 4 , Monday) 😡

Shirley just flew to Korea. Wang Ao is flying to China tonight, I think. I am stuck at home with a headache, waiting for the laundry to be done. I guess I should be talking about our NEmation end product instead of talking about travels, so here it is.

I think it turned out quite good 🙂 With more time it would be even better! 😀 I am so glad that it is done! My heart started beating wildly anticipating the end of NEmation offcially for me when I drew my last long stroke (The tagline) 😀 Wheeeee!!!! I think the rest are also satisfied with the overall product, maybe except for Jean Hann who was not here to witness the completion of our work. Wahahahaha…. Serves her right for being so Kiasu! >;)

Now, some stuff about the post-NEmation period.

Me: Dying with a headache and super tired.

Jean: In London, Enjoying her holiday. I think she owes us a big big prezzie!

Wang Ao: Slacking at the airport or something now?

Shirley: In Korea! NOOOOOO….. I love Korea! The food!!!!

Ok. So this is our very short short short and last last last blog post (:

Remember to help us out next year!



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