Top 100 In N.E.mation! Woohoo! Our journey begins…

Hi everyone!

Its been a while since we wrote a blog… Well, its officially the end of our N.E.mation production. Now, we shall share our whole journey throughout this tough but enjoyable journey.

Well, it all started when our teacher encouraged our class to take part in N.E.mation, said to be fun and a fruitful experience for all. We decided to take part, submitting a poem written by mainly Amberly. (We did help with generating this idea though :P)

For weeks, we were left in the dark, not knowing whether we were through to the top 100’s. It was not until we received text messages stating that we had entered the top 100 category. We were… Jubilant! Excited! Shocked!

We were then invited to Nanyang Polytechnic(NYP) for the top 100 briefing… There were so many other students from secondary schools and junior collages we almost lost hope of winning. Confident they looked.

Our booklet of advice and tips for our presentation to the judges.

Our inspiring briefing that got us back our confidence! 😀

Presenting to you.. The top 100 teams! (we are very behind by the way)

That’s all for now 🙂 Another blog coming your way not long soon! 🙂 In the meantime, why not support us by liking our FB N.E.mation page ShiNyGirls to garner more likes for us and tweet #NE7C07 for us! Thanks! Love you people ❤

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Photos credits go to N.E.mation website:

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