Welcome to week 3

I know this post is 2 weeks over due. 😀 this just shows how busy we have been.

So we started week 3 with a jump shot with the N.E.mation back ground.

(From the left: Xin Hui, Kar Yan, Marcus and Frances)

It is a blur shot but it was the nicest we took. We were too tired to jump again. We were supposed to wear class tee but somehow Marcus got the wrong message and  wore school uniform instead. With all the noise we made from jumping, our instructor Ms. Farah came out to check on us and guess what? She ended up taking a picture with us. 🙂

After picture taking it was back to work for us. The last week of production and the team is starting to feel the heat.

As usual, our tent is as cold as ever. (Kar Yan wrapped up in her cozy sleeping bag)

Xin Hui trapped in her naughty corner.

Sneak Preview of our Animation 🙂

See all this cute characters? Find out more when our final animation comes out.

De-stress moments captured on Camera 

(Marcus in the lime light)
(Xin Hui getting some sleep) 
(Frances and Delia’s (Yarney Barney) plushies)

(Best breakfast: provided by Marcus)

The Count Down has started

That’s it for now! Look out for more updates. 🙂

Lots of love,

We Want To Go To USA!!!






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