Wrap up Party!

So, our N.E.mation journey has ended.

A picture taken with our teacher Mrs. Goh right before the party started. 
Frances with Cynthia from team One Minute
Our blogger Calvin came to celebrate the end of our production with us. We thank Calvin for taking the time to come over. Do check out his blog http://www.calvintimo.com for more updates on our team. 😀
(Frances with Deanna from Sarscastic
This may be our last meal in NYP. 😦 Love the food N.E.mation always provide for us. 
Ms Farah surprised us with presents for the team. The presents were supposed to last us till Christmas but we could hardly wait. 
Xin Hui got a turtle. 🙂 looks like her does it?
Kar Yan got this cure little panda
Marcus got this cute fluffy slippers thanks to the influence of the duck song. 
Frances got this cute tigger! An addition to her pooh collection. 
Wondering what these balloons were for?
Huge poppers, sparkling drinks and awesome people we toasted to the end of our production. Now the games begin!!
With confetti on the floor, we had a fun time tossing and throwing it around. 
We were given matching presents from our instructor Ms. Shi Ling. Now we are geared up to celebrate Christmas. Frances with Rachel from team Yarney Barney.
First game: Bursting balloons that are tied on our feet. Kar Yan was one of the last two standing. 
Game 2: Henry. It was a tongue twisting game which involved having a dot of  tooth-paste on your face for a forfeit. The more mistakes you made, the more dots you would have. 
Game 3: The hopping frog. This game made sure we listened attentively to one another. 1 frog jump,  jump into pond, toom (1 cycle). And the number increases as the entire cycle is completed. 2 frog, 2 frog, jump into pond, jump into pond, toom, toom. And it increases so on and so forth. But we never get beyond 5 times. 
Mr. Alvin got the most number of forfeits. He has to do a dance which would soon be uploaded to Youtube. (So do look out for that)

-Lights out-

Finally, the lights were tuned off and the clubbing started.

We Ended with taking pictures with the new friends we made and our beloved instructors. 
Frances with Sophia from team Yarney Barney
Frances with Delia from team Yarney Barney
With Ms. Shi Ling
With Ms. Shi Ling and Ms. Farah. 

Well thats all for now… we’ll be writing again soon. Do look our for that. Don’t forget to vote for us.

Lots of love,

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