Happenings after entering the Top 40s

Hi! How’s everyone? Uploading another blog to share our amazing journey with you amazing people supporting us πŸ™‚

Well, this time, we will be sharing about getting through to another phase of the exciting N.E.mation! competition πŸ™‚ It’s really like a roller coaster ride!

On the 4th of September, we were supposed to do our pitching to fight with the other 39 teams in order to progress to the top 20s. We already had a strong desire to enter the top 10s by then. We had a lot of work to do within that half a day – to refine our pitch and further develop our idea. It was a difficult task, I have to admit and we had difficulty within our team as we each have different ideas. In the end, we had to compromise and choose the best idea to present our story to the judges.

Rehearsing our parts was a much easier task than developing our idea so we were much more confident after our idea was developed. πŸ™‚ Phew! πŸ˜›

Nervous, we entered the room for our pitching. The judges were patient and kept smiling. Soon, we finished our pitching, feeling not really our best as we stumbled a bit through the pitching.Well, what was done is the past. All we could hope for is to enter the top 20s πŸ™‚

Tianqi looking tired while we were taking a break after finishing our pitching. Hang in there! A few more hours to wait!

We were called back approximately 2 hours later to watch movies while waiting for the judges to collate the results and announce them. The judges sure had difficulty as they took really long… Nervous… :/

Finally, they came in with everybody cheering for them!

This time, the top 20s result announcement was different from the previous results announcement. Groups were called down in either 3s or 4s to take the centre stage and announce the teams through to the top 20s.

Well, we were patiently waiting for our turn but we were surprised that Mr Ellery did not call us with another 3 groups. We were totally shocked. We lost our hope. It was not until Ms Fatimah realised that she still had certificates nt given out and asked Mr Ellery to double-check. He missed out our team. He called the few of us back and to our surprise, we were in!!! We jumped for joy!!! We had entered the top 20s with 2 of our seniors teams. Our expectations were high then, we wanted to enter the top 10s to make our story come to life πŸ˜€

Compare this photo with the next!

We do feel sad for those who did not go through to the ‘semi-finals’. Join again next year! Don’t give up that easily!

The top 20 teams!!! πŸ˜€

Well, we have come to the end of this blog. Do stay tuned for the next blog coming up soon! If you would like to support us, like us on Facebook under N.E.mation top 10 teams!!! We are ‘ShiNyGirls’! Love you people ❀

With lots of love <3<3


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