Workshops for the top 20s!!!

We’re back! Will be introducing to you about the workshops we had with the other 19 teams during the one week of September holidays 🙂

Oopsies! Forgot to say hi! Hello! 😀 Welcome back to ShiNyGirls world of blogs 😛

On the 5th of September, the 20 grps (including us!) were involved in two different workshops. All in a day! It was fun and interesting and… A total eye opener for us! The workshops are namely the Digital 2D and stop motion workshop.

Our group, together with 9 other groups did stop motion first while the other 10 groups did Digital 2D.

Us rolling out in action! (ok we are clearly not autobots from Transformer)

Take a look at our end product! 🙂

Uh oh! Acid rain!!!

Our own-designed car! Isn’t it nice?

Ok… This man has three different faces! All part of our product for this workshop!

Afterwards, we went to the room opposite to learn more about Digital 2D animation. Well, that was difficult but we were all loving it as the instructors were all patient and willing to lend us a helping hand. 😀

we were practicing drawing with a tablet. Here is Winnie’s product:

Cute! Looks like one of the character in Mr. Men!

After practicing, we were given a task. To animate a frog jumping on lily pads. In the end, this is what Winnie got:

Hehe! The frog looks… errr evil and cheeky!

That’s all we did on the 5th of September! It was really enjoyable! You will be hearing from us soon! See you! Help do us a favour by liking us on Facebook on N.E.mation page filed under ‘ShiNyGirls’! Thank you! A Big thank you to our supporters too! Love you all! ❤



Photos credits go to N.E.mation:


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