:B : Yarney Barney

Ho Ho Ho! Happy Holidays:D

Hmmm… how does an early christmas present sound to you?

Aha! Not much of a gift but here’s a thing from us that will send some of you cracking up! Remember the ‘:B’ face (aka the Yarney Barney face)? We have a total of 55 faces now.

However, don’t you think seeing 55 YB faces all at once is a little too much to take in? So we have decided to split them up just to prevent anyone from being overwhelmed. :B

For today (although we’ve already posted some of them before), we will be posting the Faces from Team Yarney Barney. We’ll also work on getting more of these quirky shots! ;)quirky

Yarney Barney Mascot:





Oh crazy kids up there ^

That’s all for today 😀 Stay tuned for more. More :B(s).


YB ❤

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