Top 10 – Midway through our thrilling Journey..

Sparkling Winnie is finally writing her first blog since Shimmering Amberly is kind of busy, so it shall be me, the kawaii Pooh Bear to continue our journey!

Wee, in the blink of an eye, it was finally the day- The day for the final Super Pitch! With nervousness, excitedness and happiness in us, we started to paste the storyboard onto the black boards that were provided. In the middle of pasting, one of our teachers from St. Nicholas came to encourage us and cheer us on.We rehearsed our lines in front of her and asked for feedback for improvement.

But before we knew it, it was 10 minutes away to the dreadful moment..The 4 of us quickly gathered together with our teacher and murmured a small prayer for us before stepping into the theatre where the 5 judges would determine whether we were in or out.

Though we were all super frightened as we did not know what would befall us, we forced a smile on our faces and tried to be calm throughout the whole judging. We were all smiles while we headed out for the exit because in our hearts, we knew that we had put in all our hearts and souls into this competition and we had tried our best, so no matter what the results was going to be, we would not regret anything.

As our judging was early in the morning, it was hours way to the results time. Thus, the 4 of us went home to rest before going back to Nanyang Polytechnic for our results. Wenqi’s house is too far from Yio Chu Kang, so she came to my house to do the tons of homework we had to finish.

Sitting back in NYP with the other hyper 19 teams, everyone seemed tensed up except us. We were relaxing and chatting as if nothing had happened. After a while, the instructors finally were about to announce the results. The atmosphere in the lecture theatre was starting to become more and more tensed. This time, the results format was almost the same as the top 20 results format, but it was a bit more exciting. Two teams were called up to the front each time but only one team gets into the TOP 10!

I can still recall that when ShiNyGirls were called up to the front, the other team was from SST. Both teams exchanged nervous glances and then suddenly “The team that goes in is…” Amberly held my hand tightly.. “ShiNyGirls!” We jumped like mad squirrals, as the other 2 St Nicholas teams stood up and cheered for us..It was the happiest thing that ever happened in our Secondary 1 life..


I was super proud that among the 5 St Nicholas teams that made it to the Top 100, 3 teams had made it into Top 10! Following that, we and the other 9 teams who made it to top 10 did a proud and perfect Top 10 cheer!

Now smile at the camera!!

That’s the end of our September holiday journey, but before that, we definetely have some Thank You to do to end this blog beautifully! We would like to thank our instructor in charge, Mr Alvin who guided and taught us a lot during this one week. Without your patient guidance, we would not be standing here today!

And of course, Mr Joshua, who improved our work each time and gave us more feedback to help us gain a big chance into the next selection! Thank you for helping us by giving improvements to make, we appreciate that a lot!

Not only our instructors helped us out, but of course, our teachers who came to visit during this one week, like Mr K, Ms Tey, Mr Lau and Ms Gurung! And,  Thanks to our classmates from 1Truth! You all have helped us alot in supporting us and we couldn’t thank ya’ll enough for your constant support!

Lastly, we, ShiNyGirls thank all the instructors who had put in so much time and effort into all the teams in order to make these 10 teams successful! Thank you! Without all of your help, we wouldn’t have made it to the top 10!! THANK YOU!

Well, that’s the end of our 1st half of the animating journey..Take a peek at our 2nd half yet even more fun and enjoyable journey! Coming soon..

Winnie (Wordy Typer), Amberly (Photo Paster)


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