Week Three: Busy Barnians

Sup guys! 🙂

Sooo for the third and final week for the production of our video, we were too busy to update our blog everyday :c (sorry bout that!) This was because we had to spend all our time on pushing to complete our video on time. But you’d be glad to know that soon enough, as the week progressed, we caught up and we managed to do the rest of our animation at a comfortable pace. :B

Since our memories aren’t that fresh anymore, here are some snippets (whatever we can recall :B) of what happened during that week:

Our ambassador Karen (her blog: http://www.renzze.com) came along and dropped us this box of cuuuuute cupcakes as encouragement for our last lap. Rachael took the giraffe, Teresa got the cow, Sophia got the Snail and Delia got the fish. 😀 It was really sweet and gave us all uncontrollable sugar rushes!

Somehow, one of our flowers from our ‘aquarium’ ended up in a cup of water. And since the zig markers that we used to colour the flower in weren’t waterproof, eheheheh, this is what happened:

And guess what?! Sophia accidentally drank from it… TWICE! So fingers crossed that that marker’s ink isn’t poisonous.

On one of the days, we took a short little break to take a few photos, for the memories. Here they are:

YB face with our instructor, Ms Jade :3

Jumpshot (unglamunglamunglam)

eheheheh… failed shot

Ahahaha I don’t know why this cracks me up more than it should. :B

Watch out for our video coming sooooooon!


Yarney Barney :B

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