Wassap With Holidays

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Now that the production stage of the N.E.mation competition has ended, you may wonder what interesting things we may be up to. With only 1 week  left of our holidays, we are doing EVERYTHING we can to savage it. 

Xin Hui

Xin Hui is our school’s netball captain and with the approaching North Zone competition, she regularly goes back to school for trainings (and she doesn’t mind.) She has also started baking cookies and brownies which are just some of the delicacies she’s trying. 

                               Xin Hui (left) with her sister (right) and friend (center). 

Kar Yan

Kar Yan celebrated her birthday on the 16th of December (Happy Belated Birthday  Kar Yan!) She would be spending Christmas with her family and relatives in Malaysia. (Lucky girl, she gets to travel)


Marcus does a lot of traveling during his holidays. Due to N.E.mation he actually had to cancel 2 holiday plans. He recently came back from 2 night stay on board an Italian Cruise. Marcus being very self cautious of his weight kept on saying that he grew fatter and gained 12kg (though I think he gained only 4). As time passes by he’ll lose weight. 😀

              Marcus with his sister when they visited Japan earlier this year. 


Well Frances would be staying in Singapore for the rest of the holidays but as a student councillor she has been busy with school preparations for the upcoming batch of sec 1s next year. (Like Xin Hui she has been going back to school quite often as well) She is also actively involved in her CCA  (which is NPCC) activities in preparation for next year’s CCA open house. 

                  Frances during the National Day Celebration Parade this year. 


Do look out for our upcoming video journal of our ENTIRE N.E.mation journey, Sleeping bag series (taken during our N.E.mation period) and our ANIMATION CLIP!!! 

Stay tuned for more updates. AND VOTE FOR US!! 

Lots of Love

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