Wrap Up Party: It’s OVER :'(

Today was a very memorable ending to our production period. The day went on with the same old stuff needing to be done. But we had finished all our work by 2pm. So this is what we did…

but that all was put on hold when the clock struck 6 (orrrr maybe a later than that). Also, many of the NEmation alumni were present so that was pretty cool too. We all gathered in the centre of the lounge. We were forced to sit within a yellow box marked by yellow duct tape with balloons all around us.

Soon after the speech by Mr El, we were handed colourful and hazardous-looking party poppers. (haha that phrase reminded me of frogs xD)

The following is a picture of YB’s leader, Rachael, huddled in a corner because she was afraid of what was to come.

So we all gathered around, and got into position… 

Then BOOOOOOOM, all the poppers were popped!

Soon after the bottles of champagne (which actually really was sparkling juice) were popped, and we all got cups of that.

Since many of them were many different colours, we all started mixing those ‘spirits’ like bar-tending pros 😀

Here are the few of the concoctions we created:

We ate our dinner, which was delicious by the way, and then the games began. We played games like tying balloons to our ankles and then trying to pop other people’s balloons, Hello Henry and Scissors Paper Stone (with a huuuuge twist). Altogether it was really fun! 🙂

Ms Shi Ling gave us all cute little reindeer hairbands 😀

Soon enough, the lights went out and this unleashed SOME people’s party-animal sides. It was really funny, really.


It’s been a wonderful experience, really. So many new bonds, so many new people, and so many new and precious memories. After we cleaned up the mess we created, we were all a little reluctant to leave the place that we called home for the last three weeks. It took quite a bit of courage to walk out of those glass doors. HAHAHA , just being dramatic here. But it is true, we were very sad that the three weeks had flown by so quickly. Enough of this emotional talk! 😀

Til’ next time!

Yarney :B

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