:B : Instructors


*evil laughter* >:D

So here are the pictures that we previously promised! They are YB pictures of a certain special category of people, our instructors! Wellwellwell, we should stop beating around the bush… or should we? HAHA JUST KIDDING.

First Up! Team Yarney Barney and SARScastic’s instructor, Miss Jade ;D


Next is the instructor of ShiNyGirls, Miss KC 😛


Following, it’s We Want to Go to USA’s instructor, Miss Farah :B


She is an instructor of ShiNyGirls, YB, SARScastic and WWTGTUSA, Miss Shi Ling! 🙂


The instructor of Oneminute and J.W.S.G, Mr Alvin! 😀


It’s the instructor of RoyalPotato and Zenith 😀


Instructor of All These Ships and madeforsam, Mr Xavier 🙂

Now, freelance instructor (because we are not sure if it’s SARScastic or Zenith or both >.<), Mr Dickson


Mr EL! 🙂


Mr Wei Siong :B

Last but not least, Mr Joshua! HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAAAA

We’re pretty sure that’s enough for today 😀 More YB faces coming up, for you next time!


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