ScHoOL + Radio Interview!! :)

Before the voting period started the group was preoccupied with lots of activities ranging from secondary one orientation to school work and CCA. Here, we would like to share with you some of the things we do when we are not animating. 😀

Secondary 1 Orientation

Marcus and Frances are the two student councillors in the group. And with the new batch of Sec 1 in AISS, they were actively involved in the orientation.  Since the first week of school they have been staying back until 6-7pm entertaining and ensuring that the sec 1s familiarise themselves with the school through various activities. It was tiring but fun. 😀

Warning: The juniors are crazier than any of us sooo beware. 😉

 Frances is the one with the specs and Marcus should not be difficult to spot (center)

With streaming results and the splitting of classes, Kar Yan was separated from the rest group. boo hoo hoo 😥  Our classrooms are just next to each other though so yeah she shouldn’t miss the rest of us too much.


Besides Marcus, it was our FRIST time getting interview on RADIO!!! We rushed there immediately after school and drafted our presentation. (it wasn’t too hard thinking of what to say as the DJs scripted our presentation and we made some adjustments 🙂 ) In the recording room, the space was so sound proof that we though we couldn’t be heard outside and started joking and laughing around. Our lines were a funny (in our point of view) so we had fun encouraging each other. It was funny until we found out that we could be heard loud and clear in the control room. IT WAS EMBARRASSING as there were other groups there and they were laughing at us.


Look out for our radio interview which could be played anytime around 2-5pm at POWER 98fm. You can now view our video by pressing the link  here –>

Remember to VOTE for C08 “2-gather we overcome”  by

1) Going to using your laptop/desktop

2) Going to website using your mobile phone

3) Going to N.E.mation 7 (official) Facebook page to vote

4) By smsing NE7<SPACE>EDM3<SPACE> [C08], [2ND CHOICE], [3rd CHOICE]<SPACE>NRIC<SPACE>FULL NAME to 76677. Standard sms rates apply

We’ll be updating again real soon!!

Lots of LOVE,

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