the NEmation hangover

hangover 2

“the disagreeable physical after effects…”

“…from a distressing experience…”

Haha no we’re just kidding!

It has been a long way, ever since September last year (actually even before that)! First the submission of ideas and workshop, then the Top 100 selection, Top 40 selection, Top 20 selection with our stopmotion, storyboarding and animation workshop, the nerve racking Top 10 selection, the 3 week production period and NOW the videos are out! FINALLY 🙂

All the Top 10 teams came back to NYP on the 17 Jan, just a few hours before the videos were “unleashed into the world” anyway it was just right after our CCA for some of us and we were all really tired. But when we heard “So, are you ready to watch the videos?” Everyone perked up and the whole theater started buzzing with excitement. And maybe a bit of the static problem the speakers had. Haha anyway, everyone was cheering after every video, even the ones not done from their school. I think we’re all able to relate since everyone worked really hard to get the videos done.

And of course we’ve got the instructors to thank, especially Mr Alvin who has pretty much been our instructor since day 1 at the workshop held in our school, way before the top 100 selection in September last year. With all the comments and help, we progressively improved by the frames. And when we were going out of our minds like


cannot regret

when we couldn’t possibly finish, he helped all the way until we drew the last line 🙂

And we’ve got Mr K! Our teacher in charge alongside Yarney Barney and ShiNy Girls, who stuck by all the way whenever he could, giving us encouragement. And now he’s doing lots to engage the school in helping us to vote. And we’ve got other teachers to thank too especially Mr Ng, Ms Tey and Mrs Gurung for coming down as well to support us all despite their busy schedule, Mr Razali for not only making posters but also standing in with Mr James when Mr K wasn’t around and Mr Lau for handling the admin stuff.

Well that’s a lot of people to thank XD but we really wouldn’t have done it without them. And we have our principal and vice principals and teachers and parents and of course our 姐妹们/sisters from both the primary and secondary side and our 大姐姐们 who have already graduated and our alumni who have been and are still supporting us. There’s really a lot of people to thank! And Im sure ShiNy Girls and Yarney Barney has lots to say too!

Well please do continue to support team SN!


ShiNy Girls NE7C07

Yarney Barney NE7C09

THANKS! We appreciate it!

(hmm we really do need a group photo…)

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