The faithful day, 15 Feb 2013

Heyo! Frances blogging here. 🙂

On the 15th of Feb 2013 was Total Defence day and an important day for all competitors in Nemation 7. All of us in the team including our teacher had a hard time sleeping the night before due to all the excitement and nervousness.

Group picture taken before the ceremony!! 🙂

Dr. Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Defence was the guest of honor. For his opening speech, he empahsised on the importance of unity among Singaporeans to overcome challenges. He even gave his own personal experiences during his speech.

After the speech, it was the moment all of us have been waiting for. The N.E.mation 7 results. One by one, teams were called onto the stage. Standing infront of my group facing the audience was one of the most nerve recking experiences I’ve encountered.

I was really nervous as I could feel my heart beating and my legs were actually shaking. Right infront of me I could see the team of  40 supporters from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, our teachers who came down to support us (Mdm Yong, Mrs Goh and Ms Liauw) , our Principal (Ms. Chew) and our Vice-Principal (Mr. Michael).

The top 7 finalists were annonced first followed by the 2nd runner up and finally the top 2 teams. As the top 7 finalists of N.E.mation 7 were being annonced, Xin Hui who was standing directly behind me started squeezing my hand. (It wasn’t painful at all though. But as the results got closer and closer to the top 3, she started squeezing it tighter and tighter)

Ahmad Ibrahim did not make it to the top 7 finalists but into the top 2 teams in Singapore. We were called to the middle of the stage with Dunman High for one of the most tensed  moment of the ceremony.

JK (from Power 98) was the host of the ceremony and played around with the top 2 teams before annoncing the champion team so I decided to have a picture with him 🙂

“Please feast your eyes on the screen the answer in my hands, dim the lights video please” said JK.

All eyes were on the screen as we nervously watched for the winning video to be annonced.


It was a dream come true! We were laughing, tearing, clapping and Marcus was stamping his feet due to all the excitment.

Thank you Ms. Chew, Mr. Michael, teachers, fellow friends, supporters and our families who were there for us throughout our NEmation 7 journey. Thank you AI and all those who voted and supported us!

And thank you EVERYONE for making our dreams come true! 🙂

You’ll definitely hear from us soon! Updates on the team and our USA trip would be posted. So do keep a look out! 🙂

Lots of Love,

We Want To Go To USA (we are going to USA!!)






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