Studio Experiences

Hi! I’m Kar Yan. We visited the Sony Pictures Animation Studio.

Sony Pictures Animation Studio

From the tour we got to learn from the experts on how difficult the entire process on creating the film is, including the amount of time they take to finish creating a film.

(photo of Hotel Transylvania in the making)

In Sony Pictures Animation, the guide gave us a tour in the different departments in the industry as the creation of a film is not a one man’s effort. People who specialise in different areas are needed. In effects, precision in the calculation of particle movements must be precise to show the desired effect that would be shown in the movie.


Blizzard Entertainment Studio

We also had another tour in Blizzard Entertainment Studio that created online games such as World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo and etc. Their games attracted as many as 8 million players, particularly World of Warcraft.

We learned that the employees there have flexible working hours that can start anytime from 10am to 6pm. It seems as though their games specialise in Sci-fi and Fantasy, with each and every character or monster attached with their own backgrounds.Blizzard Entertainment focuses on attaining quality games and therefore they do not have a specific deadline or release date for every game they produce. We also found out how they improve their systems, software and how they create digital 3D sculptures.Employees are also encouraged to look up into their library which is designed to give a medieval feel which contains all kinds of books from fine arts to game play.

Furthermore they are welcomed to decorate their workspace to make themselves comfortable and also to play the games to get the perspective of players and get inspiration from the different video games.

Blizzard Entertainment Studios also have sculptures of different characters in different games that has extraordinary features enticing me to play such games even though I’ve not played it before.

We also found out that the studio is divided into different departments that are in-charge of the different aspects of the game development. They are constantly improving the quality of their game with each new game or series they produce therefore their gamers will continuously play their games even though the new game or series relatively takes a long time to complete production. Based on only these facts on blizzard entertainment I myself don’t mind working in such great environment and having to work in such interesting games.

These are my experience during the studio visits. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more updates!

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