Grace. Xiao Tong. Sheryl. Tricia.

Long ago, the four llamas lived together in harmony. Then. everything changed when the Sheryl army attacked. //voom voom sound effect

Only the alpaca, master of all four llamas, could control them. but when the barn needed him most, he VANISHED //deng deng deng


//get the pun its a barn

okay hi

We’re Alpacalypse!

Yeah. So, it all began when our name was created … I vividly remember that day, when the hot sun scorched our very backs as  we ran across the parade square to the sign up sheet. There we saw it, the sign up sheet. Grasping the blue pen in our very hands, the sweat dripped down from our forehead like pearls from a snapped necklace.

Long story short, the group was formed with Tricia, Sheryl and Tong first.

Then Grace graced us with her presence. (and everything was all sunshine and rainbows)

So it went down something like this:

“you want join anot”

“orh okay”

Yeah that’s all.

Actually, the reason why we all decided to enter this competition because Sheryl, Xiao Tong and Grace are all anime/manga fans. Of course, under our great influence, Tricia entered the dark side. We were also interested in the process of animating.

So here we are, many many many months later, revisiting the computer lab, and it is very cold here.

With that, the introduction of Alpacalypse would end here for now. Stay tuned for more exciting news from us! 🙂

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Happy day to you all! Ciao~

“Here’s a paca, there’s a paca, paca paca duck!”


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