Delta-gaytors: The Gaytors

Hello fellow alligaytors! We have jolly decided to name our “fan”-gaytors…alliGAYtors 😛

Well we understand that you may be a little confused, just a little about the origin of our very unique group name. So, let us help you digest it part by part! (:

DELTA-GAYTORS: delta being the 4th alphabet in Greek represents the four of us, and we just thought that alligators were cute, with a tinge of our “gay-ness” (happy hehehe). Hence, the alliGAYtors. *dingding!*

And here’s our mascot Tao Gay (bean sprout):

Now, presenting to you the gaytors!


The gayest gaytor with poofy hair. She loves Barney a lot and spends most of her time with her. She likes Sesame Street and Muppets which earned her a plus point to blend in with kids really well. Greco-Roman architecture and mythology contributes to her “greek-y” side. Oh, and shhhhhhhh, everybody believes that she is ADHD and bipolar. And since she’s constantly suffering from brain fog, don’t be surprise if she behaves like a patient with dementia.

By the way, Barney is a terrapin. 


Always misspelled as Gayneth, she has lameness packed in a ball.  She has multiple legs ’cause she’s always running around, literally. She’s our beloved Captain who looks forward to training, when we don’t ( FYI, we’re all sprinters so don’t judge us if you see us running). Oh, and she’s super sloppy. You see, her hair is never neat but she’s still our favourite gayneth. Her knees click like a symphony AND HER FACE IS SYMMETRICAL!!!



“What’s your horoscope?”

“COW! Tiger???????”

B I M B O.

Hopelessly self-proclaimed British, her friends doubt her intelligence all the time. She’s constantly accused of being either a dumb blonde or bimbo. Such a sad life. But nobody really cares hehehe. She’s severely OCD and hates people who does anything to her lime green bag. and her stitch (See the bimbo part?). Being a big fan of the British youtube community, she aspires to be one of them. ha ha ha. She also keeps a cashbook. But mind you it’s never to track how much she spent but how MUCH she spent.


Deedee, rebelliousness say its all. Size does not matter when your emotions are unstable. One moment giving kisses to everyone, the other: “life sucks”. She’s not bipolar, but close to it. She’s a small girl with a fiery tongue, just observe the amount of chilli she pours into her meals (horrifying). Jack is her skeletal boyfriend (take note of her bag).

To sum it up, we are a bunch of insane alligaytors swimming together in the N.E.Mation swamp. (please laugh)

Interested to swim with us in our N.E.Mation 8 journey? Here are some ways you can join us for some mud fun!

1. Like us (Delta-gaytors) on Facebook here: HERE (

2. Follow us on Twitter here: HERE

3. Follow us on Instagram: @deltagaytors

4. Tweet us by adding the hashtags #NE8 and #NE8C03, or stalk the hashtags for more updates!

We really appreciate every single alligaytor for your support and love for us! Do look out for more updates and photos starting from our Production Period on 18 November! (:


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