Into our new world

Hello! We are ‘The 4 of Us II’. You may be wondering why are called the 4 of us II. It is because our group has 4 people( if it wasn’t obvious in the first place) and this is our second time entering this competition and last year our name was the 4 of us.Well…sadly we didn’t win last year…well truthfully speaking, we didn’t even get through top 40. So we decided to challenge ourselves again thus this is the new and revised version of us! We are from Tanglin Secondary School and we are weird people. Basically, we came into this competition with humble intentions like for example, we were really shocked when we got into the Top 100 let alone Top 10. Well, since this is a competition we hope to gain your precious votes so that we can win!

Firstly, there is a group member called jiayi. She is very ‘talented’ in many ways. Like for example, whining and getting food coma. FYI, food coma is when a person eats too much and feels like sleeping immediately after eating. *she is even whining about how embarrassing this is* CHECK HER OUT ON INSTAGRAM>>> @pandaavrooom_

Secondly, there is a group member called xena. She is super and really super hungry every time. Like she can never go without food for even an hour. Trust me, never give her chocolate at night, she will go bonkers. Anyways she is really talented in that aspect I suppose. *she is even wanting food right now and she just ate like a fillet-O-fish burger* CHECK HER OUT ON TWITTER>>> @xenasaysboo

Thirdly, there is this group member called safwanah. Well, she is super quiet but trust me, when you show her a kpop band called Infinite, she will go all fan-girl and it will unleash her wild side. She is really talented in searching for photos of her favorite kpop band so she is really talented in that aspect. CHECK HER OUT ON TWITTER @waaannnah

Fourthly, there is a group member called sarah. She is very talented too, we are all talented people 🙂 Her best strength is being a bathroom singer. She has gigantic eyes that are doll-like. She always use those eyes to make people do things but it never works. *red zone hypnotism failed*HAHAHA *she just used those eyes to try and stop me from posting this* >>>CHECK HER OUT ON TWITTER @sarahcheok

Enough typing for now! Just go on twitter/instagram and check us out #NE808 and check us out! More details and updates will be there! For facebook, head over to >> The Top 10 Teams App and check out ‘The 4 Of Us II’!

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