Momento Mori: The Beginning (Of the End)

Team Momento Mori

Charlene is not in the picture 😦 … but we will add her soon!

Before going into any crazy stories about ourselves, maybe we should tell you how our team (and team name) came about first.

There are four of us: Charlene (Char), Janelle (JJ), Clara (CS) and me, Phoebe (PM). We’ve known each other since primary school, and when we heard about this amazing competition, we decided to give it a try. What started out as a shot in the dark became a wonderful and crazy experience and a journey that we will never forget. We never expected to get this far to Top Ten, but now that we’re here, we want to go all the way and try our very bests.

We didn’t start off as Momento Mori though. Our original team name was Sociopaths. Not that we’re actually sociopaths, but our obsession with a certain BBC1 series (SHERLOCK OMG SHERLOCK) inspired the name. However, our darling JJ decided that it mightn’t give the right impression (as if Momento Mori would give a good one) and after a looooooong discussion, Momento Mori reigned the best option.

Momento Mori came from JJ, of course. Her deskmate kept writing it all over her Math worksheets, and all over her mind apparently, because it stuck. She suggested it, and here we are, Momento Mori!

In case any of you don’t know, Momento Mori is Latin for “remember you will die”. Yes, we know, it’s not exactly the most positive group name, and it doesn’t really show the true character of our group (as you will see in subsequent posts), but we’re all suckers for cool Latin sayings, so it was perfect.

Stay tuned for more!

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