NE Mation 8-Team Synch’s intro

Hello! We are team synch! It’s supposed to be sync but we misspelled it. Our ‘excuse’ is that ‘Synch’ is a combination the words ‘sync’ and ‘inch’ meaning for every inch we move, we are still in sync. Clever, no?  Anyways, our team consists of 4 members: each with their own special feature.


the team leader and the one that came up with the core of the story…

… Sze yong ,

the one that makes us laugh and make the animation process more interesting….

… Elyse,

the one that keeps us on track and on time so we meet our deadlines…..

…. and Jaren,

the artist in charge of mainly the drawing and arty part of the animation process.

This is our 3rd year in this competition. For the past few years we had tried. This year, however , our dear Sze yong stop going to the dentist, hence we made it to the top 10. We have to thank him for sacrificing  his teeth for us. No, but seriously, we are grateful to be here in the top 10.

Team Synchs

Now, for something a completely different: some shameless plugs. Follow us on facebook ,twitter, instagram and youtube

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Instagram: #NE8C07

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Please support us through this journey.

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