Not so grouped Intro…

Heyos!!!! We are Dairy Products from School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA). Just a brief introduction…

Caleb, Beatrice, Dewei, Invisible Ian

I am caleb. i don’t  specialise in any visual art stuff (unlike the rest). I do some  music. play the violin. 🙂

Hey guys! Beatrice here. =D So I’m studying Visual Arts (thinking of specialising in Media Arts n Film). Yea… So… Hope to “see” you guys again on websites? Adios.

Once upon a time….jkjk this is De Wei here. Visual arts is my specialty and i am kinda really gettin to love it now. And so being a member of this team, I preferably prefer to specialise design next year, yeah despite NEmation being more to the media art side than design, but i am rather inclined to do character design still. i am also interested in origami, eating Japanese food and falling ill (eel)  after that (HAHA). so why do I want to join the competition? well i shall talk to you more about my life story in the next blog entry, so stay tune, be right back. peace.

We have one more member –> Ian but he’s not here today so stay tune for his blog posts. Brief Intro about him: hmmmm… TOTORO!!!!!!!(he loves it)

So….yea. Thats all for today….. VOTE US!!!!

We’ll be back soon! Don’t forget to follow us on instagram, youtube and upcoming social medias! we would really appreciate a like or a thumbs up in the upcoming future post and videos, cause it would really help us in the progress. Thank you future fans and supporters. 😀

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